Getting Started

The Norton Ebook Reader works on computers, tablets, and smartphones and includes intuitive highlighting and note-taking features. This page provides details on how students can access their Norton Ebook Reader and manage associated settings.

How do I register for my ebook?

You can register for an ebook in two ways:

  1. Enter a registration code.
    • An ebook registration code is included with new copies of select Norton textbooks.
  2. Make an online purchase.
    • You can purchase access to Norton ebooks online. If your textbook is accompanied by other Norton Learning Tools in addition to an ebook, you will have access to those through your online ebook purchase.

How do I get started using the ebook?

There is a great Getting Started resource available on the Norton Learning Tools Page for your textbook (you don't even need to create an account or login to access it!):

  1. Go to the Norton Learning Tools Page for your textbook. The link starts with "" and ends with the short title of your textbook. We recommend asking your instructor for the exact link to make sure you are accessing the correct textbook required for your course.
  2. Click on the Getting Started tile: 

Which devices and browsers can I use to access the ebook?

To view minimum system requirements for using the Norton Ebook Reader, please click here.

How long will my access to the ebook last?

Depending on the textbook, ebook access will vary and will be noted accordingly.  Login to your Digital Dashboard, to view your ebook's access length.

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