How do I import the Resources for Your LMS to Moodle?

Add a Norton Coursepack to your new or existing Moodle course and, in minutes, you'll have access to high quality, customizable tools for learning and assessment. Follow these instructions to install your Moodle coursepack.

How do I install a Moodle coursepack?

  • If you do not already have a blank course set up in Moodle, ask your local IT staff to create one for you.
  • Download the Moodle coursepack from the Instructor Resources page and save the compressed file to your desktop. Very important: Do NOT attempt to open the file after downloading.
  • Log in to your Moodle account and navigate to your course.
  • Turn EDIT mode On.
  • In the Course Administration Panel, click Restore.
  • On the Import a Backup File page, click Choose a File.
  • On the File Picker page, click Upload a File.
  • Click Browse to locate the .mbz file on your desktop.
  • Click Upload This File.
  • Click Restore.
  • Make appropriate content selections and settings on the following restoration pages, clicking Continue at the bottom of each one. The Restore process may take some time.
  • At the bottom of the Review page, click Perform Restore. (This may take a while.)
  • On the Complete page, click Continue to access the restored content.
  • You can now modify and arrange specific items to meet your needs.

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