How do I import the Resources for Your LMS to Brightspace/D2L?

Add a Norton Coursepack to your new or existing D2L/Brightspace course and in minutes you'll have access to high quality, customizable tools for learning and assessment. Follow these instructions to install your D2L/Brightspace coursepack.

How do I install a D2L/Brightspace coursepack?

  • Download your coursepack file - D2L/Brightspace Coursepack - from the  For Instructors  tab for your text. Leave it zipped and save it to your desktop.
  • Log into your course shell in D2L/Brightspace and navigate to the  Content  tab.
  • From the  Table of Contents  tab; use the Import Course  tab to access the link to  Import Course Package.
  • Upload your coursepack file by browsing your desktop for the saved zip file.
  • To install the complete coursepack, including all grade center entries, click on  Import All Components.
  • If you want to select specific items, click  the  Advanced Options tab, then Continue.
    • In the window  Customize Your Course Package,  check off your desired content, then click the  Continue  button to begin the import process.
    • To import quizzes but not the grade center entries, uncheck the  Grades  component or select specific items.
  • Confirm your import selections and then click the second  Continue  button.
  • When the process is finished, click  View Content  to access the course material.

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