BB LMS Integration

How to Add a Norton Digital Learning Tool to a Blackboard Course

This article describes how to add a Norton Digital Learning Tool Links with LTI Integration that provides single sign-on for students and automatic grade passback to your Blackboard LMS course.

Prerequisites: In order to add a Norton Digital Learning Tool Link, it is necessary for your institution's Blackboard system administrator to enable the Norton Digital Learning Tool as a "LTI Tool Provider." Do not proceed until you have received confirmation from Norton or your campus’s Blackboard system administrator that this has been done. In addition, you will need a Norton instructor account. If you do not have a Norton instructor account, please visit our Instructor Resources page, or contact your Norton representative to request one.

a) Add a Norton digital learning tool to your course

  1. Login to Blackboard with your instructor account and navigate to your course's homepage.
    1. Make sure Edit Mode is turned on.

  1. Select the course content area in which you will place the Norton digital learning tool link from the course menu on the left of your screen.

  1. To add the Norton activity, hover over the Build Content drop-down menu and select Web Link.

  1. In the Name field enter a descriptive name (e.g. "InQuizitive," "Smartwork5," "ZAPS," etc.).
  2. In the URL field, enter the URL provided by your Norton representative.*
    1. If you're using a Norton product "launch page," the URL will look like:, where “inquizitive” is replaced with the name of the Norton product and “BOOKCODE” is replaced with the code for the book you are using.

  1. If you're adding a direct link to a Norton activity, the URL will look like:, where NNNN is replaced by the 4-digit number for the activity.

*NOTE: When entering the URL, be sure there are no spaces before or after the address, as this will create an error message.

  1. Check the This link is to a Tool Provider box. If this box is not shown, skip to Troubleshooting, below.

  1. If you would like students’ grades to report back to your course’s grade-book, set the Enable Evaluation option to Yes.
  2. Set the Points Possible to some non-zero value, such as "10"
    1. [Optional] Set the Visible to Students option to Yes if you’d like your students to be able to see the link in their views of the course site. If you select No, you will have to come back to the web link settings in the future and re-set this option to Yes when you’d like your students to have access to the link.
    2. [Optional] Click the calendar and clock icons in the Due Date field to set a due date and time for the activity. This will display the due date under the link in your course and will create an entry for the assignment in the Blackboard course calendar.*

NOTE: Due date settings in Blackboard do not affect the Grade Accepted Until (GAU) settings in the Norton digital learning tool. GAUs are what determine the activity’s availability to students. To adjust the GAU settings for your links, skip to step 29 in c) Next steps below.

  1. Ensure the Open in New Window options is set to Yes.
  2. Set the Permit Users to View this Content option to Yes.
    1. [Optional] Change Track Number of Views to Yes if you would like to see how many times the link has been clicked.
    2. [Optional] Click the calendar and clock icons in the Display After/Until fields to set the dates/times for when the link will be available to students.
    3. Leave the remaining Standard Options unchanged.

IMPORTANT: Do not enter any text in the Description field, due to a bug in Blackboard that will cause the connection to fail. As a workaround, you may include instructions for students at the top of your content area, or you may attach a file containing instructions.

  1. Click Submit when you are done setting the options. The link will now appear in your content area and you should see a green Success banner at the top of your course page.
  2. Click the Norton tool link (e.g. “InQuizitive,” "ZAPS," etc.) you just created, which will launch the tool in a new browser tab.

  1. You'll be prompted to sign in or register. If you have a Norton account, please use the associated email address and password to sign in.
    1. If you do not have a Norton instructor account, please visit the Norton Instructor Resources page for instructions on how to set one up, or contact your Norton representative to request one. You'll need to have an instructor account before continuing

NOTE: The first time you access a Norton digital learning tool from your course, you'll be prompted to create a new student set, or to copy an existing student set. For instructions on creating and managing student sets, please see our Creating and Managing Student Sets article.

  1. Once you’ve logged in with your Norton account, you will land on the Norton product homepage or specific activity for the book you're using (product homepage pictured). You should see a green “Connected to LMS” badge and the new Student Set ID associated with your course in the dropdown menu at right.

  1. If you’re using Smartwork5 or ZAPS individual activity links, the “Connected to LMS” notification appears in the user options menu which you will see by clicking your username in the upper-right corner of the activity page.

  1. After signing in, close the tab with the Norton digital learning tool page.

IMPORTANT: In the future, to access any Norton digital learning tool, always use the link from your course, and you will be automatically signed in. You can confirm this by looking for your school email address in the upper right of the Norton tool page: 

b) Test tool integration

  1. From your Blackboard course, switch to student view by clicking the Student Preview icon at the top of the course page.

  1. Navigate into the course, locate the link to the Norton tool (e.g. “InQuizitive) and click it.

  1. The Norton product launch page or specific activity for the book you're using will open in a new browser tab. You should be automatically signed in under your Norton instructor account, although the Norton product will present the student view of the system.

  1. On the Norton product page, confirm that you see a green badge labeled "Connected to LMS". If instead you see a red "LMS CONNECTION NOT MADE" badge, skip to "Reporting error messages".

  1. If you’re using Smartwork5 or ZAPS individual activity links, the “Connected to LMS” notification appears in the user options menu which you will see by clicking your username in the upper-right corner of the activity page.

  1. If you do not see “Connected to LMS” in the user options menu, skip to “Reporting error messages” below.

  1. If you’ve added a gradable activity (such as InQuizitive, ZAPS, or Smartwork5), click anywhere in the Connected to LMS badge (or the "Connected to LMS" user options menu entry for a Smartwork5 or ZAPS activity page) and an explanatory box will appear over the page.
    1. If you see a red "X" next to "Single sign-in" or "Automatic grade transfer," skip to "Reporting error messages" below.
    2. If you see a yellow "?" next to "Automatic grade transfer," close the Norton product tab in your browser and reconfirm that you launched the link from your Blackboard course in Student View or are using a student account.
  1. If you did not add a gradable activity (e.g. if you added an ebook), continue to (c) Next steps.

  1. Click on the green checkmark icon next to Automatic grade transfer, then click OK in the confirmation message pop-up window to send a test grade back to your Blackboard course.

  1. Confirm that a "Test Successful" message appeared below Automatic Grade Transfer. Click OK in the box to continue.

  1. Switch back to the browser tab with your course and verify a grade of 10% appears for the Norton activity in the preview student's My Grades page (depending on the point value you assigned to this activity in step 9, the numerical value of this grade may differ from that pictured at right).
    1. If you did not see a "Test Successful" message, or the grade did not appear in the student's grades, skip to "Reporting error messages" below.
  2. Close the browser tab with the Norton product launch page

  1. You should now exit student view or log out of the student account. The link is ready for use by your students. See "Next steps," below, for additional instructor suggestions.

c) Next steps

  1. By default, Blackboard creates a column in your Grade Center for any gradable Norton tool when the first grade is sent (which you will have done in "Test tool integration," above). Take a moment to review the points and other settings for this grade by using the Grade Center link in your Blackboard course, then clicking Edit Column Information from the drop down menu in the column for the corresponding Norton tool (e.g. “InQuizitive”). Review the settings and click Submit if you make any changes.
    1. If you're not using the Norton product launch page, but rather adding multiple tool activities directly to your course, repeat steps 3-13 in section (a) above as needed for each activity's URL. It's not necessary to perform the grade transfer test for each additional link you create

  1. If you would like to set GAUs for your Norton activities, click the Norton tool link in your course. Then:
    1. If you have linked to a Norton product homepage, click [set] next to the activity whose GAU you’d like to set from the list of activities.
    2. If you have linked to an individual InQuizitive or ZAPS activity, click your Norton username in the upper-right of the page, then click “Activity Settings” from the menu

  1. If you have linked to an individual Smartwork5 activity, click the “Edit Assignment” button located below the activity’s title.

  1. Click the empty field next to “Grades Accepted Until” and select the desired date from the calendar.

  1. By default, the GAU time is set to 11:59pm of the date you selected. To change the GAU time, click the dropdown menu containing the time and select a new time. Be sure to choose your time zone in the next dropdown menu as well!
  2. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page when you’re done.

  1. The GAU for this activity is now set and you will receive notifications should a student attempt to submit a grade for this activity after the GAU has lapsed.

For even more tips on configuring Norton digital learning tool links in your course, please visit our Instructors Help Notes page.

d) Reporting error messages

Copy the text from any error message box and/or take a screenshot and send it to W. W. Norton LTI Support ( You will then be contacted by a support specialist who will assist you with further troubleshooting.