Now that you have your Norton Digital Toolkit products integrated with your campus Learning Management System (LMS), what next? This page provides helpful information about the details of gradebook integration and common troubleshooting steps.

How do students join my Norton Digital Learning Tool "section?"

Sections in Norton digital products are called Student Sets. After a student joins your Student Set, their grades will be visible to you.

When LMS integration is set up correctly, the first time you sign in to a link integrated with your campus LMS course, a Student Set tied to that LMS course is automatically created. The Student Set will take the name of the LMS course in which the link was integrated.

Watch this video for information on selecting your Student Set after it's created.

When students sign in to one of the links integrated with your LMS course, they will be automatically added to your Student Set without having to enter a Student Set ID.

What needs to happen for a grade from a Norton Digital Learning Tool to transfer to a campus LMS gradebook?

Here's what needs to happen:

  1. The link to the Norton Digital Learning Tool needs to be set up correctly following the steps described in the “Getting Started” section of the LMS Integration under Instructor Help Notes.
  2. For a student’s grade to automatically transfer to the campus LMS gradebook, the student must access the Digital Learning Tool from the LTI enabled link(s) integrated with the campus LMS at least once. This adds the student to your Student Set and establishes the connection between the campus LMS and Norton's Digital Learning Tool and is needed to transfer a grade to the LMS gradebook for that particular link.

What happens if a student does not use the LTI-enabled links in my course?

Student progress on activities is associated with the individual student, rather than the student set. This provides a benefit if students bookmark an InQuizitive/ZAPs/Smartwork5 page directly and do work without signing in through the LMS course: their grades will still be reported to the LMS provided they’ve signed in via the LTI link from your course at least once previously and use the same Norton account credentials in both instances. 

Similarly, if a student does not sign in to InQuizitive/ZAPs/Smartwork5 using an LTI-enabled link initially, but then later does so using the same Norton account, their earned grade(s) will be posted to the LMS during any future grade update activity.

  • If you are using a single product home page link (e.g., then as soon as a student clicks this link from your LMS course, their composite grade should be compiled based on any assigned work they've done so far, and that composite grade will be sent to the LMS's gradebook.  From there on as they completes additional assignments, the grade will get updated automatically.
  • If you are using direct activity links, then a student needs to click each of the links for the activities they've completed in order for the grades they earned in those activities to pass back to the LMS's gradebook.

If a student initially signs in to an InQuizitive/ZAPs/Smartwork5 launch page via the LTI-enabled link, but then accesses individual activities directly (via non-LTI-enabled links or the activity's URL), their grade will still be recorded properly in the LMS gradebook. All the processes that check/update grades take the grade aggregation method into account. So as long as the student clicks the LTI-enabled launch page link at least once, no matter where/when they complete any assignment from that product, the aggregated grade will update automatically in your LMS's gradebook.

What grades are passed back to the LMS gradebook?

This depends on the style of integration you've set up.

If you integrate a link to digital learning tool product homepage (a webpage that includes links to all activities for a Norton digital product) with a campus LMS, the product homepage will transfer the student's overall average for all of the activities the student was assigned from that digital learning tool. In other words, if a student was assigned 10 InQuizitive/ZAPs/Smartwork5 activities, only one grade—the overall average of those 10 activities—would be transferred to the campus LMS.

When you integrate a link for each individual activity you're assigning, an individual grade for each activity will transfer to the LMS gradebook in its own gradebook column.

  1. Product Homepage Integration
  2. Individual Activity Link Integration

Important: Grade values sent to your LMS gradebook are a percentage between 0 and 100. Your LMS will scale that percentage to the point value you set for the link when you created it. In other words, if you gave the activity a 10-point value in your LMS, and a student achieves an 89% grade in the digital learning tool, the student's grade in your LMS gradebook will show as 8.9 points.

When is a grade passed back to the LMS gradebook?

  1. A student answers the minimum number of questions required to receive a grade.
    • The grade is first transferred to the LMS gradebook (if you're using individual activity links) or factors into the average grade being transferred to the LMS gradebook (if you're using a product homepage link) when a student registers a grade on that activity by answering the minimum number of questions. Until then, no grade is passed back, nor will it factor into the student's average grade in your LMS gradebook.
      • For Smartwork5, a grade will be registered upon completion of at least one question.
    • Once an initial grade on an activity is registered, the grade in your LMS gradebook will update in real time as a student completes additional work on that particular activity.
  2. A student does not answer the minimum number of questions required to receive a grade.
    • If you've set a Grades Accepted Until date (GAU) for the activity and the date passes, any student who has not completed the minimum number of questions required to receive a grade will be given a zero. The zero grade will transfer to your LMS gradebook (if using individual activity links) or factor into the student's average grade being transferred to your LMS gradebook (if using a product homepage link).
    • If you have not set a Grades Accepted Until date for an activity, students who do not answer the minimum number of questions required to receive a grade will never be given a zero on that activity. The grade cell for that activity will remain empty in InQuizitive/ZAPs/Smartwork5, and no grade for that activity will be passed back to the LMS gradebook (if you're using individual activity links) or factor into the average grade being transferred (if you're using a product homepage link).

What are some common LMS integration issues and how do I troubleshoot?

Here are some examples of common LMS issues and how to resolve them:

All of my students are being asked for a Student Set ID when they click on an integrated link in my LMS course.

When LMS integration is working correctly, students are automatically added to your Student Set the first time they click on a link integrated into your LMS course. If all students are being asked for a Student Set ID, it's likely that the link in your LMS course is not set up correctly for integration. Check the link setup against the "Setup" instructions, and if you need further assistance, contact your local Norton representative.

Only some of my students are appearing in my Student Set and their grades are passing back, while others are not appearing at all, and neither are their grades.

If some students are in your Student Set and their grades are being passed back to your LMS gradebook, while others are not at all, it's likely that the "missing" students are accessing the activities from the stand-alone website for your book outside of your campus LMS. Remind these students to access the activities by clicking on the link(s) in your LMS course. The first time they sign in to a link integrated with your LMS, they will be added to your Student Set, and their grades will begin to transfer to your gradebook. In other words, no work will be lost from the activities completed through the stand-alone Norton website!

I'm using individual activity links in my LMS course, and student grades for some activities have passed back to my campus gradebook, while others have not.

If you're using integrated individual activity links (one link for each activity you're assigning), students must click on each individual activity link at least once to enable grade transfer for that activity. Once students click on that activity link from your LMS course, their grades for that activity should transfer to your LMS gradebook.

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