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Norton Digital Toolkit products can be integrated with your campus Learning Management System (LMS). LMS integration allows for gradebook updates, single sign-on to Norton products, and automatic enrollment of students into correct Student Sets.

What is LMS integration?

LMS integration is the integration of Norton digital learning tools with your campus learning management system. When integration is enabled, instructors and students enjoy the following benefits:

  • Automatic creation of Student Sets for instructors: A Student Set is essentially your course roster. When students join your Student Set, you can see their results and grades.
  • Automatic enrollment of students into the correct Student Set: When integration is enabled, students are automatically added to your Student Set when registering without having to enter a Student Set ID.
  • Single sign-on: Students register or sign in to a Norton digital product from their campus LMS once. Then when they click on a link integrated with your LMS, they’ll be redirected immediately to that product without having to sign in again, meaning fewer password and log-in troubles.
  • Gradebook integration: When a Norton digital product is integrated with a campus LMS, student grades flow automatically into your LMS gradebook.

How do I enable LMS integration for my Norton digital learning tools?

Here's how to enable LMS integration:

Step 1: Contact your local Norton representative and tell them you want to enable LMS integration. Please also provide your local Norton representative the name and email of an IT contact for your department, as representatives often need to work with your IT department to enable integration. You can find your local representative here.

Step 2: Confirm that you have the following items to enable integration:

  1. Your campus LMS course shell
  2. A “Key” and “Secret” provided to you by Norton. Your “Key” and “Secret” are essentially passwords unique to your school that allow integration.
  3. The link(s) to our digital learning tools, provided to you by Norton.

Step 3: Set up the desired digital learning tool links with integration and test to make sure that grade passback is working properly. Although we’ve included instructions below for enabling integration, we suggest that you work with your local Norton representative and emedia specialist to set up links with integration.

With which campus LMS's does Norton offer integration?

  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • D2L
  • Moodle

If you’re teaching at a campus that does not use one of the LMS’s listed above, let us know. We may be able to set up integration for you.

Which Norton digital learning tools can be integrated with campus LMS's?

  • InQuizitive
  • The Norton Ebook Reader
  • ZAPS 2.0
  • Smartwork5

Is integration as simple as adding a link in my campus LMS to a Norton digital learning tool?

Not quite. Adding a regular link to one of our digital learning tools in your campus LMS will not enable single sign-on, grade pass back, and the other benefits described above. To enable this type of integration, the link to our digital learning tool needs to be added as an “external tool” to your campus LMS.

Is LMS integration required in order to use Norton digital learning tools?

Not at all! If for whatever reason integration doesn't work for you, you will be able to use our digital learning tools successfully without LMS integration.

Which browsers are best for using the Digital Resources?

To view minimum system requirements for using Norton Digital Products, please click here.

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