Tips for Setting Up Final Exams

Getting Started

Here are some tips to create a midterm or final exam for your students.

Apply the following settings:

Apply the following settings:

  1. Set a time limit for the assignment – If you want to limit the amount of time students spend on the exam, enter minutes here.

Note: Once a student begins an assignment, the timer option will become locked and cannot be edited within Edit Assignment.  However, the timer can be edited at a student exception level.  

Students beginning a timed assignment will see a pop up alert to remind them that once they begin an assignment, the timer will begin counting down.

Click here for more information on extending the time limit for an individual student.

  1. Options to showsolutions during or after the assignment GAU has passed – If you do not want students to see the solutions until the exam due date has passed, set this to “Only after the ‘Grades Accepted Until’ date has passed.”
  2. Show ebook links – Turning this off will not allow students to link directly to the ebook during the exam.
  3. Options to show feedback during the exam or after the assignment GAU has passed – Changing this to “After the ‘Grade Accepted Until’ date has passed” will ensure students do not see feedback for their answers during the exam.

Note:  Students submitting attempts will still see a mark on their attempt which indicates if the attempt is correct or incorrect.  This feature cannot be turned off and is not controlled by the Show Feedback option.

In the Questions area, you will find the following options:

  1. Set a certain number of points for each question. Use this if you want to modify the default points per question.
  2. Set the number of attempts for the entire assignment or differently for each question. Change this if you want to give students only a set number of attempts per question on an exam.
  3. Change the points penalty per attempt under grade penalties if you do want to give students more than one attempt per question and you want each subsequent attempt to be worth less percentage points.
  4. Turn off hints if you do not want your students to see them during the exam. When it is on, students will see a hint on each question to assist them in answering.

Note: Once students access the assignment, the following settings will become locked in Edit Assignment and cannot be edited: Points, Attempts and Grade Penalties.

Click here for more information on adjusting assignment settings .

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