Table of Contents Overview

This page provides details on how navigate the Table of Contents. 


To open the table of contents, select the three horizontal lines at the top of the page. 

From the table of contents, you can view all of the ebook sections.

To expand a chapter, select the arrow next to the chapter name. The chapter you are currently viewing will appear with a blue box around it. 

From here you can see all the sections and sub-sections in a specific chapter. Sections that can be futher expanded will have an arrow to the right of the title. 

To go back to the previous page of the table of contents select the back button. 

How do I search for a specific chapter or section?

You can search the table of contents by entering terms into the search field.

 You will see your search results populated. 

Please Note: These search results only display content from the table of contents, not the ebook. If you would like to view the help notes on searching for ebook content, please click here. 

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