Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions page is dedicated to common issues you may experience while using At Play in the Cosmos

I missed what the narrator said, how can I go back?

You can re-read and replay any narration or direction in your mission. To do so, click on “Missions” on the bottom panel. The Mission Log there contains all directions, instructions, and updates that have been given. 

Can I replay missions even if I have already finished them?

Yes. Completed missions will have a green check mark next to them, but they can be replayed at any time.

If I replay a mission, does it erase my data?

No, but your instructor will be able to see that you spent additional time in the Mission.  If you replay a Mission that you’ve already completed, replaying will not undo your “completed” status.

I zoomed in on a galaxy/object and nothing is there.

Note that the game focuses on well-studied space objects for which we have real data. It does not contain every possible object, though there are many that you can explore in Exploration Mode.

I have completed the mission, but my instructor cannot see it.

This means the game has not reported your progress to the cloud. Often this is because the app has lost its connection to our server (and you may see a pop-up message in the game that says this). Use the Options menu to log out and then back in. Your device will then send your progress to the instructor. In the app, go to Options >> Change User >> Log Out, then log into the game. 

Remember the data your instructor sees only updates every 4 hours. You may have to wait until the next day for your instructor to see your progress. If after 4 hours your instructor still can’t see your information, please submit a Support Request with the Norton Service Desk.

I opened the game, and it took up my whole screen. How can I make it either only take up part of my screen or be minimized?

The game defaults to full screen mode. If you do not want to view the game this way, you must close the game and reopen the application. After reopening, you will see a window like the one below. 

Click the “windowed” check box and then click Play! Now the video game will no longer default to full screen.

How do I turn off the music?

To silence the music click on Options in the upper right corner of the screen. Toggle the Music button to Off and the music will stop playing. You can also turn off any sound effects by going to the same screen and toggling the selection to Off on Sound Effects.

Submit a Support Request

Still need help? Submit a support ticket and a customer support specialist will be happy to assist you.
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