How Grading Works

In the videogame, students must complete a mission in its entirety to receive a “complete” check-in and instructor grading tool. This page details how students can progress through the videogame to receive a grade.

How am I graded in the Videogame?

The videogame missions are designed for low-stakes practice with particular skills. Your grade will be represented in the instructor’s grade book through completion status only by a checkmark or X. Additionally, instructors can view the amount of time spent on a particular mission as well as the tools you used to complete that mission.  This information is not graded and is only reported to the instructors as additional information in their grade book. 

Instructors cannot close any missions or require completion of a mission by a specific date through the grading tool. 

Completion status, time spent, and tools used are updated in the instructor’s grading tool every 4 hours.

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