Customize Loadout

This will be the first screen after logging in. You will be able to customize and name your ship. Note that not all colors or ship types are available at the beginning of the game. Students can change the name of their ship at any time, though there is a default name that is given at the beginning. After selecting your ship, select confirm loadout to continue.



All players must complete the first three missions in order to unlock the remaining missions and the exploration mode. The first three missions are designed to orient the student and teach them how to navigate the ship, use the star chart, and use the tools. 

Play Options

There are two play options available, Mission and Exploration

You can play through 22 narrative missions that will lead you on your exploration of the cosmos. Each mission takes between 5-10 minutes to play. CORI, the voice of your ship, will provide guidance through narration and visual clues throughout the game. 

Exploration mode is a “sandbox” mode. There are no specific missions or objectives tied to this mode, allowing instructors to create their own missions. Students can travel to and analyze all available galaxies, stars, and systems. 

Tool Bar

At the bottom of the screen there is a tool bar. The first mission will go over this tool bar and its functions. This is a list to supplement that direction.

The first icon is for the Star chart. This is a map of all systems and will be used throughout the game as a navigation tool.

The second icon is Missions. This shows what mission the player is currently on, as well as all the dialogue and direction given up to this point. You can click on this button if you ever need to review the last instruction given by CORI.

The third icon is Data. This is the main Database where players can find definitions highlighted by the game, interactive simulations, and achievements they have earned while playing.

The fourth icon is Engineering. This shows the ship, its parts, and its makeup. This is used throughout various missions when the ship is damaged or needs upgrading.

The final icon is Options. This is where players can find standard game options that control sound and music. Players can also log out here.

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