Offline Reading

The newest version of the Norton Ebook Reader  - Beta version, features the ability to read sections of your ebook offline. 

Which ebooks are available in Beta with offline reading?

All current ebook titles available in Beta can be found here.

Please note - additional ebooks will be available in the Beta version in the coming months.  If  your ebook is not listed, please submit a support ticket and a Customer Support Specialist will investigate to determine if there's an alternate offline reading option available.

How can I read my ebook offline?

To begin, Opt In to the Beta version of your ebook.

Next, open any chapter of your ebook and select the Table of Contents icon.

Select the 3 dot Action Menu from the ebook's Table of Contents view.

Click Select content for offline reading

Once offline reading is enabled, cached section buttons showing content available for offline reading will appear on the left as shown below. 

Select the content you would like to make available for offline reading by selecting the button to the left of the chapter. You can also use the arrows to the right of the chapter title to view more detailed options when selecting content. Once you have finished selecting content, a progress bar will appear at the bottom of the page.

Please note: The more content you select, the longer it will take to make your selection available for offline reading. 

When a section has been successfully cached, you will see the Available Offline tab as shown here and a check mark will appear next to the cached content.

After the content you selected has been made available for offline reading, click on the Available Offline tab to view the sections cached for offline reading. The content can be accessed directly via the link as shown here:

Click on the Cancel button to return to the Table of Contents.

Please Note: Media content (audio, video, animations, etc.) found in the ebook will only function with an active internet connection; those resources cannot be made available offline.

Highlights and Annotations 

  • In offline reading mode,  you will only see notes and highlights for the content you've cached for offline reading.
  • Notes and highlights cannot be created while in Offline Reading mode.  

Parts of the ebook I previously made available offline are no longer available offline.

  • Offline reading uses storage built into internet browsers. This means that when you make parts of your ebook available for offline reading, you aren't actually downloading or saving anything to your computer or mobile device.
  • Sometimes, when your browsing history is cleared, the parts of the ebook you've made available offline will be cleared and will no longer be available for offline reading.
  • To make these sections available for offline reading again, you'll need to get back online and repeat the same process you used to make those selections available offline the first time.

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