Instructor Content

The latest ebook release, Beta 6, implements functionality that allows instructors to create, edit, and publish shareable content with students. Not only can instructors share notes attached to selected ebook text, but they can also share images, videos, and links. A notable component of the instructor content feature is that it includes guidance and checkpoints for instructors, which will ensure they are sharing content with students that is accessible. 

Instructor’s personal notes and highlights that exists in NERd Classic will automatically import into NERd Next upon first opt-in to the new reader.

How to View Instructor Content 

From the Ebook, click the Instructor Content icon (mortarboard hat) from the Context menu on the left side of screen.

How to Create New Instructor Content 

Select content from the ebook

Click Insert Instructor Content.  

Important to Note: Instructor Content created in Beta will remain in Beta and not transfer if you decide to switch back to the Classic ebook reader.

Instructor Content Feature Box

1. Instructor Content Feature box 

2. Descriptive text – This content is not endorsed by the author(s). 

3. Rich text editing options - Bold, Italics, Underline, and Insert Features: insert linkinsert imageinsert video  

4. Text content box 

5. Descriptive text – Content will be visible to students in all of your courses using this ebook. Be sure to check that all links, images, and videos are accessible by referring to the accessible content guidelines. 

6. Cancel button

7. Publish button

How to Edit and Delete Instructor Content

Select the Actions Menu

  1. From the Ebook Menu panel 
  • Select Instructor Content icon 
  • Select the content to edit
  • Click the Action Menu 
  • Select Edit to make revisions and Publish to save or select Delete to delete the content
  1. From Instructor Content box within the Ebook 

  • Select the 3 dot Action Menu
  • Click Edit to make revisions and Publish to save or select Delete to delete the content

Adding Accessible Images, Videos, and Links

To ensure that content that you share is accessible to all students, please refer to the Instructor's Guide to Accessible Content

Images* can only be added to Instructor Content as a Link Address (Right click on the website image and select Copy as Link Address).

*Image format must be .jpeg and .png 

To view instructions how how to add an image to Instructor Content, please click here.

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