How Do I Navigate My Ebook?

The new ebook reader contains updated navigation. This page provides details on how users can navigate and search through the new ebook reader.

Navigation Overview

  1. When logged in you see the Book Title displayed at the top of the page. 
  2. The Chapter and Section you are working in are visible below the Book Title. 
  3. You can open the Account Menu by selecting your username. More information about the features available from this menu are discussed here
  4. Indicates what Page you are currently viewing. 
  5. Select the three horizontal lines to make the Table of Contents appear. More information about this feature can be found here.

How do I navigate between sections?

To view the previous section of the ebook scroll to the top of the page you are currently viewing. Select the box showing the previous section name.  

To view the next section of the ebook scroll to the bottom of the page you are currently viewing. Select the box indicating the next section. 

More information about navigating the ebook can be found in the Table of Contents section. 

Additionally, you can view your current location by selecting the three dots found underneath the book title. 

How do I search the ebook content?

To search the text, select the magnifying glass from the left-hand side of the screen.

Enter a term in the search field. 

See the full book search results displayed below.

Clicking on the search results will take you to that specific page in the ebook. Additionally, the keyword you entered will appear highlighted in the text, and you will see a note at the top of the page indicating how many times that word is used within the section.

Please Note: These search results are for the entire book. Anytime the keyword you entered is displayed in the text, it will show up here. If you would like to view the help notes on searching the Table of Contents, please click here. 

How do I search by page number?

You can search by a specific page number by inserting a number into the page field on the right-hand of the screen. This box will display the current page number you are viewing.

After inserting a number in the page and select return on your keyboard, the ebook will take you to that page.

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