Visual Guide: Overview of the Ebook Layout

Visual Guides provide illustrated, detailed instructions on how to use your Norton Digital Toolkit products. This page presents an annotated diagram of the Norton Ebook Reader user interface making it easy to access all the features it offers.

  1. Tool Menu: Click on the three horizontal lines to make the tool menu appear.
  2. Title of Ebook: The title of your ebook will appear here.
  3. Account Tools: Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to view the account tools.
  4. Bookmark: If you bookmark a page using the page menu (8), the bookmark image will appear here.
  5. Main Content: The main content of the ebook is displayed in the center portion of the screen.
  6. Page Numbers: The page numbers displayed in the left margin of the ebook correspond to the page numbers found in the printed version of the same title.
  7. Section Backward: Click on the backward arrow to move one section backward in the ebook.
  8. Page Menu: Click on the three horizontal dots to view the page tool menu.
  9. Chapter Title: The title of the chapter you're currently viewing will appear here.
  10. Section Forward: Click on the forward arrow to move one section forward in the ebook.

  1. Close Tool Menu: Click the X to close the tool menu.
  2. Table of Contents: View the contents of your ebook and access the Offline Reader.
  3. Search Tool: Search your ebook for keywords, phrases, or specific page numbers.
  4. Bookmark Tool: View bookmarks you have created in your ebook.
  5. Annotations and Highlights Tool: View personal and shared instructor annotations and highlights.
  6. Add Yourself to a Student Set: Add yourself to new or existing Student Sets.
  7. Request Support: View the Service Desk support webpage.
  8. Help: View the help pages for the ebook.
  9. Change Your Email: Change the email address associated with your account.
  10. Change password: Change the password on your account.
  11. Sign out: Sign out of the ebook.
  12. Add/Remove bookmark: Add or remove bookmarks from pages of the ebook.
  13. Read aloud (text-to-speech): The ebook will start reading the text aloud beginning at the top of the current page.
  14. Print this section: Print sections of the ebook.

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