Visual Guide: Overview of Ebook Features

Visual Guides provide illustrated, detailed instructions on how to use your Norton Digital Toolkit products. This page provides a tour of features that may appear in your Norton ebook, including real page numbers, vocabulary alerts, and multimedia.

Enlarging an Image

Click on any image to open it in a separate window. In the bottom right corner of the image window, you will find the size tools: the magnifying glass with a + sign will zoom in, the magnifying glass with a - sign will zoom out, and the circular arrow will reset the image to its original size. Click on the "X" in the upper right corner to close the image window and return to the ebook.

Summary Self-Test

For multiple-choice questions in the Summary Self-Tests at the end of chapters, students can click on the answer to see if they are correct. This is a self-test so answers to the questions are not saved and cannot be collected for grading purposes.

Links to External Products

If other products or study aides are available for your textbook, links to those resources can be found in your ebook. Click on the link to proceed to that resource.

Vocabulary Alerts

Click on the "Vocabulary Alert" button to open a separate window that defines keywords presented in that section of the ebook. Click on the "X" in the upper right corner of the window to close the Vocabulary Alert and return to the ebook.

Vocabulary Words in the Text

While you're reading the ebook, vocabulary words will appear in red text. Click on the vocabulary word to show a brief definition. Click any open space in the ebook to close the definition window.

Detailed Concepts

Detailed concepts, separated from the text inside a hidden box (above), can be displayed by clicking anywhere in the box. The detailed concept can then be hidden again by click the header of the open box (below).

Multimedia Resources

Various multimedia resources may be available in your ebook (some examples are above). Click on the multimedia icon or title to view the resources. To return to the ebook, click on the back button on your Internet browser window.

Page Numbers

Pages numbers that correspond to the page numbers in the printed textbook can be found in the left margin of the ebook.

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