Control Features

When you click on a space object within the Star Chart, a list of options will come up. Not every option will always be available, because much about our universe and the surrounding areas are still unknown.

The first control feature is Zoom. The zoom feature lets students take a closer look at the object without traveling to it. The zoom feature may sometimes be disabled due to gameplay mode (mission vs exploration) or available data.

The second control is referred to as FTL, or Faster-than-Light drive. This is the travel feature that lets students go to the specific galaxy, system, or star. Like the “zoom” control feature, FTL may be disabled depending on mode or available data.

The third control feature is Tools. The key to the game is matching the right scientific Tool to the job. The game offers seven tools that are used throughout the missions. The tools range from determining the mass of an object to the make-up of the object. All tools are always available, but if a student is playing in Mission mode, they will get a “warning” from the narrator before utilizing an unnecessary tool. 

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