Adding Annotations and Highlights

This page provides details on the annotations and highlights functionality within the new ebook reader.

How do I highlight text?

Adding Highlights

To highlight text, use the cursor to select the text you would like to highlight and the Context Menu will appear. Select the color in which you would like the text highlighted: yellow, pink, blue, or green.

Removing Highlights

To remove a highlight, use the cursor to select the text from which you would like to remove the highlighting and the Context Menu will appear. 

Click Delete Highlight 

Select Delete and the highlighting will be removed from the selected text.

How do I create annotations?

Personal Annotations

To create an annotation, use the cursor to select the text you would like to annotate and the Context Menu will appear. 

Click Create Note

Type your annotation into the text field and click the Save button save your annotation. 

Click on the Notebook page icon to view notes in the Notebook

How to Edit Annotations

Click the notebook page icon.  The Context Menu will appear.  Select Edit Note

After editing the note, select Save.

How to Delete Annotations 

1. Select the notebook page icon on the annotation that you want to delete 

2. Click Delete Highlight & Note

Click the Delete button to confirm

To view a complete list of the highlights and annotations in your ebook, select the Notebook icon on the left of the page

  1. This is the total number of notes and highlights
  2. To Edit or Delete content select the 3 dots icon above the annotation or highlight 
  3. Annotations that you have created can be found under the highlights
  4. Click on the section title to go directly to the page where an annotation or highlight is located.

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