Overview of Role Permissions in the Norton Ebook Reader

Overview of Norton Ebook Reader Permissions

Note: Adding a TA or STA to your Student Set will not grant that account access to the associated product(s); the TA or STA will still need to register or purchase access to be able to use the Digital Resources for your textbook.

The following table contains a complete list of the permissions Teacher's Assistants, Scoring Teacher's Assistants, and Instructors have in the Norton Ebook Reader.

Teacher's Assistant (TA)Scoring Teacher's Assistant (STA)
Can create instructor notes/shared highlights in the ebook

Can access Manage Student Sets and add or remove students
Can add TA/STA/authorized instructors to the Student Set
Can remove TA/STA/instructors from the Student Set

Can update the name of the Student Set

Can update the Start and End dates of the Student Set

Can access and export student results

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